Conditions of Hire

As is the norm we would ask tenants to agree to run the cottage in a certain way allowing the same conditions to apply to the next tenant. With the concern mainly on you enjoying your time in the cottage we hope the following will be able to be adhered to without too much difficulty. The cottage is privately run and hopefully you will find comfortable with soft furnishings. So please take care of the property.

Please make sure everyone in your party understands the conditions here and in the info pack in cottage.

A caretaker looks after the cottage and will have been in doing checks between tenants. They will be able to help with problem. Only contact them if you do not get us on Tel: 01631565242 or Mob: 07484735734. Please take these numbers with you in case of any problems on route or on arrival.

We insist on no smoking in the cottage.

We do not allow pets.

Please bring your own linen. That is duvet covers, sheets, pillowcases, dish towels and towels, we provide duvets and pillows. Or organise it with the local supplier Fiona Malcolm Tel: 0733323587 – Email: or Kate at Pier Laundrette. Text 07747013639 01879220440 or

The sewage is by septic tank. This means only toilet paper down the toilet and no cleaners containing bleach are to be used. Also no grease or solid matter can be put down the drains.

Most importantly we ask if you would leave the cottage clean and tidy as the previous tenants should have left it. Particular attention should be paid to toilet, sinks, all kitchen surfaces, bath/shower area. We provide materials for cleaning. Please clean the fridge & freezer and leave on for the next visitors. This allows us to offer an immediate entry time. That is, time of entry is when you arrive at the cottage direct from the boat and time of departure is the time required by Calmac for you to be at the ferry.

If there is a change of timetable as in 2016 providing 2 ferries on a Saturday, then contact me if I have not contacted you.

Thank you